Relationships, overwhelm & pulling up the drawbridge with Steph Douglas


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I am joined by the wonderful Steph Douglas, mum of 3 and founder of Don't buy her flowers.

I connected with Steph through instagram after relating hugely to what she was sharing about her relationship and bringing up 3 children. Steph's sharing totally keeps me sane, whilst we were recording I was constantly nodding along. Steph is incredibly honest and open about her marriage and how bringing 3 children into the world has affected their rhythm.

On the podcast we chat about the natural ups and downs in relationships, how to survive the stresses of everyday and trying to avoid constantly being on each others back, bringing it back to kindness, love and most importantly communication.

We also chat about overwhelm and how if not managed can lead to full on manic mode!

And of course Pulling up the Drawbridge, if you haven't yet read Stephs blog post, read it HERE.

Enjoy and as always please do feel free to connect with me @mumtalkpodcast on instagram or email me at

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