14 months in: The Mum Juggle, series end


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It's true, series 5 has come to and end...with an unexpected guest appearance from Amandine! Her nap ended a touch too early when I was mid convo so do excuse the odd baby or I should now say toddler noise in the background. The Mum juggle is REAL!

Today is a catch up on all things, feature topic being stopping breastfeeding!

I also touch on;

Sleep, Play, Guilt, Work, Help with Amandine, Exhaustion and how I have been fairly unsuccessfully trying to juggle it all!

If you take one thing away from todays podcast let it be an encouragement to ask for help before it gets overwhelming.

HUGE thank you to all of you for listening to this series, I cannot wait to share series 6 with you and of course another thank you to our sponsors Bugaboo for their support through Series 5! Don't forget their gift to you is running through November, the whole range can be found at bugaboo.com/mumtalk.

Head over to @mumtalkpodcast for Series 6 updates!

Lots of love

Emma xx

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