Time away, marriage, weaning, crawling and a whole lot more with me, Emma Jaulin


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You have me this week and I have loved catching up with you all. Yep its a long one but I cover a lot during this hour!

My chatting includes:

Leaving amandine for the first time

Amandines night crying



Keeping babies cool

Amandine cuper clingy

Asking for help - DO IT!

And SO MUCH MORE! Plus I answer a whole bunch of your questions.

Amandine is 10 months at time of recording (it has been requested I put how old Amandine is in each of these episode descriptions, which is a very good idea!)

As always any questions please message me on @mumtalkpodcast instagram or email me mumtalkpodcast@gmail.com

Lots of love

Emma X

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