What to expect, prenatal and postnatal with UK Midwife Anneke Brown and Sarah Wallace


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I know there are so many of you wonderful listeners who are listening during your pregnancy or have just given birth, this is one for you!

This week I am chatting with UK Midwife Anneke Brown about what to expect for prenatal care and post natal care, whether you bring your baby into the world in a Midwife led birth unit, labour ward or home birth. We also talk through;

Baby checks

What's normal for newborns in the poop and pee department

Breastfeeding tips for new mums

Meeting babies needs

How to introduce your baby to a sibling

What to pop baby in for its first night home/Dressing a baby when coming out of hospital

Recovery after baby

Sex post birth


and so much more.

Towards the end of the podcast we are joined by Sarah Wallace cofounder with Anneke, of Komu, who tells us all about their digital postnatal support service. You can find out more HERE!

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