19 - Peter Rabbit


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Big Audio tried to shut us down, but you can't kill what already wants to die...

That's right, Murder-Suicide Matinee is BACK for an absolutely arbitrary Season 2. After moving to opposite time zones and losing a full episode and a half of recordings, regular brained podcast hosts might give up. But not us, baby. We're bigger and better and gayer than ever, and we're ready to talk at great length about the mixed CGI template for a screenplay that is 2018's Peter Rabbit.

Featuring: Inexplicably dreadful audio, Name That White Guy, a straight up goddamn murder in the first ten minutes of this children's movie, and a whole lot of questionable use of mental health terminology that will probably get us cancelled!

note: There was something badly wrong with Lee's mic in the first half of this episode, so the audio quality is something akin to a 1910s preacher yelling into a tin can on a wire. It does get a little better later on. And trust us, we paid the price.

Movie: Peter Rabbit (2018) Director: Will Gluck Rating: So STUPID why doid they do that cringe stupid go get a sandwich!

intro and outro music: “Everyone in Town Wants You Dead” by Singing Sadie

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