The Best Way to Train All 6 Major Muscle Groups


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Deciding which muscle groups to train together can be confusing.

Most people say chest and triceps should be trained together, since they’re both involved in bench and overhead pressing.

Others say you should train biceps with chest because your arms will still be fresh after benching, so you might as well train them together.

Arnold was known for training his chest and back together, and if that was good enough for The Oak, then it should probably work for you, no?

Other people still say that you shouldn’t program your workouts around individual muscle groups at all, but should simply focus on doing a lot of heavy squatting, deadlifting, and bench pressing or full-body training.

So, how are you supposed to put all of this into an effective training plan that you enjoy?

Well, I have good news for you:

There is no “best” way to combine muscle groups together in your training. So long as you understand a few basic principles, there are many ways to combine them into workouts that not only work, but that you enjoy and can stick to.

Body-part “bro” splits, push pull legs, and upper/lower routines can all work equally well, and which one you use really depends on how many times per week you want to train, how many years you’ve been training, and what muscle groups you want to work on most.

And we’re going to break it all down in this podcast.

By the end, you’re going to know which muscle groups to train together and why, the best exercises for each, and how to create a workout routine that’s guaranteed to deliver results.

Let’s begin.

7:24 - What is a major muscle group?

8:06 - Chest training

10:39 - Back training

18:20 - Arms training

30:16 - Shoulders training

35:40 - Legs training

50:47 - Core training


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