Kyle Hunt on Bodybuilding for Beginners, Practical Training and Diet Advice, and More


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If you’re new to working out or weightlifting in general, the world of bodybuilding can be intimidating, confusing, and contradictory.

Maybe you’re getting mixed signals about how much muscle you can gain or how lean you can get.

Maybe you’re struggling with the terminology of sets, reps, mesocycles, cutting, bulking, and so forth.

Maybe you’re unsure of exactly what you should be doing in your workouts.

Well, today’s guest, Kyle Hunt, addresses all of these things and more in his new book, Bodybuilding for Beginners, and I invited him onto the show to discuss some of the key takeaways from his book.

In other words, Kyle shares a “bodybuilding 101” crash course that will help newbies get up to speed faster and remind more experienced lifters of the fundamentals that never change.

We also touch on a few other topics including fitness quackery and credibility, exercise science degrees, evaluating scientific studies, and more.

If any of that strikes your fancy, hit that play button!

32:43 - What is the book Bodybuilding for Beginners about?
35:27 - What are some practical tips for nutrition?
38:02 - What are some tips to sticking to a diet?
44:01 - What does the training program look like in Bodybuilding for Beginners?
45:05 - Are there options for different types of strength building in Bodybuilding for Beginners?

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