Farmer Carries: sexier than we think, how to spot trainer fraud & Orgasm gains


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Farmer carries are the nerdy girl in the movie that takes her glasses off & you realize she’s Carmen Electra in her prime. Elysia and Mara tell you why this sexy little gem is so often overlooked, common mistakes, and most importantly why you, yes you, need to incorporate them into your life. Improve quality of life through full body strength, injury prevention, and GRIP STRENGTH (our hands need not hold us back any longer!). Plus, insider info on exactly how to vet your trainer without being obvious about it, what to look for, and glaring red flags that you should be mindful of before giving your hard earned dollars to a confident beefcake. You’ll have to listen all the way through to find out how your farmers carry will give you power in the sack, we can’t give it all to you in an intro— that’s just proper foreplay.

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