I NEED SPACE! Between my toes...


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Mara and Elysia get hot and heavy into the ever-sexy topic (after a very revealing intro about hormonal balance and over zealous screen time)— TOE SPACERS! Never heard of ‘em? They’re silicone molds that you wear on your toes to keep them apart while you work, the reverse-braces, if you will. They’re beneficial for anyone who wears shoes. I’m lookin’ at YOU kid! If you have knee or hip pain, postural control issues, wear heels or cute little sneakers to the gym, suffer from bunions, plantar fasciitis, the list goes on— THIS. WILL. HELP. Tune in to learn how to gradually turn the foundation of your body from sand into concrete for overall quality of life, mobility, and easier pathways to those madd swole gainzzzz. Please rate & review on iTunes or or follow wherever you’re hearing us now!

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