Rock Bottom to Rock Star with Cole “The Wolf” DaSilva


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Our fitness nerds, Mara and resident hoser, Elysia are joined this week by the outrageous, no f***s given, homegrown fellow Canadian smart aleck, social media coach, TikTok sensation, and over-the-top training enthusiast Cole DaSilva. If you want real talk, here it is. Cole grew up rough in Thunder Bay, Ontario-- aka crime capital of the country. Through laughter and NSFW descriptions, Cole speaks of his journey through leaving home young, filling his formative years with debauchery, getting deep into heavy drug and alcohol addiction. We talk mental health, creating a successful business, social media (the good and the bad) and having the balls to change your life for the better. Tune in for the nitty gritty, the full spectrum of mental strength and self-assuredness that we all need a bit of to survive in this crazy world. Check out Cole on IG or TikTok @coleluisdasilva Find us @muscle.spasms @maramarek @elysian.form

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