45. Margaret Middleton Designs Museum Exhibits for All Ages


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Margaret Middleton is an independent exhibit designer and museum consultant based in Providence, RI, USA. Middleton recently completed the design of the children's exhibits at the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA, USA. Driven by a background in industrial design and queer activism, Middleton is passionate about creating visitor-centered museum experiences, and writes and speaks about inclusion in museums. In 2014 Middleton developed the Family Inclusive Language Chart, now widely used in museums across the country.

In this episode, Middleton describes what makes exhibit design for children's museums so unique and exciting and what other types of museums can learn from children's museums.

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Topics Discussed:
00:00: Intro
00:15: Margaret Middleton, Independent Exhibit Designer and Museum Consultant
00:25: Middleton’s Favorite Thing About Children’s Museums
01:48: Focusing on the User/Visitor
03:55: What Other Museums Can Learn From Children’s Museums
06:10: Middleton’s Family Inclusive Language Chart
09:10: Making Museum Conferences More Accessible
10:10: Learn More
10:30: Outro

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