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Tommy Darker is a Greek and London-based musician and entrepreneur. A "Musicpreneur"- A term Tommy is often credited for making popular. Tommy is also a music business lecturer. Tommy lectures in music business studies at The University Of Westminster in the UK and he obviously knows his stuff.

Hello and Welcome to The Music Business Facts Podcast.

I’m Rodney Holder and it’s my mission to, as best as possible, try and discover the intricacies and realities of how to monetize your passion for the music business.

So whether you’re a songwriter, a performer, a manager or an agent, a promoter or a publisher, you run a label or any other entrepreneurial venture trying to commercially succeed in and around the music industry, or perhaps you’re a student of the music business, then this podcast is absolutely for you. I have made this show for you so welcome,

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Ok today’s guest and Music Business Expert is Tommy Darker.

Tommy Darker is a Greek and London-based musician and entrepreneur. A Musicpreneur- A term Tommy is often credited for making popular. And like me Tommy is also a music business lecturer. Tommy lectures in music business studies at The University Of Westminster in the UK and he obviously knows his stuff.

And Tommy’s also got some really cool free resources over at his website at tommydarker.com. Marketing Plans, and business model case studies, and a variety of great stuff so I do encourage you to check it all out out over at www.tommydarker.com so go and grab some quality freebies there.

Anyhow in this episode I had a great chat with Tommy where we discuss a number of interesting things and takeaways for you guys including music business models, marketing strategies, goal setting, music education, and a whole lot more good stuff.

So I really hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

So without further ado, here’s my chat with Tommy Darker. Please enjoy.

So there you go guys I hope you learnt something from my talk with Tommy.

And again, if you are interested in hearing Tommy present his “How To Make A Profit Performing Live In 100 Days”, he’ll be hosting that presentation with Gabi Huckins who is a licensing expert who looks after the catalogues of artists like The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath. So that’s going to be very cool and very high level information.

So if that’s something that you’re interested in attending then head over to https://www.musicpreneur.live/mbf and enter the code MFB20 to receive $20 off the admission price.

And don’t forget that it’s not just going to be a great Masterclass, it’s also going to be a 100-day challenge, where you join, you’ll be forced to have identified revenue streams for your live performances, drafted a mini-tour plan, and prepared a strategy to make a profit by performing. And it’ll all be backed up with feedback from the instructor and you’ll also receive an accountability partner. And I’m going to be one of those partners so I think it’s a really interesting idea that will really educate and motivate you to getting you closer to undertaking a profitable live performance or tour within 100 days.

And yes it is a paid course, the package starts at $97, but as Tommy and I discussed in this podcast, music education is expensive, at least here in Australia, and if you do want to learn from industry experts, and you would like some professional accountability to hold you towards implementing your goals, then it is such a minimal investment and if you’re serious about your career you should be prepared to back yourself and invest in your own education.

So once again, musicpreneur.live/mbf with a checkout code of mbf20 to receive $20 off the price.

As always all of this information is available in the show notes over at music business facts.com, and you can always get in touch with me at facebook.com/musicbusinessfacts.

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And thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show.

Ok it’s great to back and I look forward to talking to you all again soon on the next episode of Music Business Facts.


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