The Walking Dead, “Still Gotta Mean Something” Review (S8, E14) - Spoilers


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This podcast contains the flu, and spoilers for both the show and the comic.

I had at the flu during this review. Hey, that rhymes! I felt like the walking dead so it’s only appropriate that I review The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 14 “Still Gotta Mean Something”.

For the past few seasons, The Walking Dead has had some good episodes in a mostly dark sucky void of awful. So did this episode continue the trend of awful and cringeworthy or did it shine a bright light across the void?

I review the show and then play my thoughts about the episode, during the episode itself.

Show notes:


-I have the flu

-My thoughts on The Walking Dead, these past few seasons

-The last great episode

-Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

-My hopes and expectations

-How I usually watch The Walking Dead


-What I thought of the episode

-Concentrating on certain characters

-Were my expectations met?

-What this episode did correctly






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-Back to my flu



-Chandler Riggs

-The Carl arc in the comic book

-The Garbage People

-The Land of Unlimited Bullets and Gasoline

-Eugene on the show versus Eugene in the comic book

-Back to Chandler Riggs

-A “new” Carl?

-The cast

-Actors and material

-Negan in the comic versus Negan in the show

-Who would I want as a leader, Rick or Negan?

-The dimensions of Negan

-Show Negan’s shining moment

-Negan and Carl’s relationship on the show

-The Governor

-Ezekiel on the show versus Ezekiel in the comic



-Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln

-How I felt when Carl died on the show

-Rick and Michonne

-What I would like to see on Talking Dead

-Morgan and Carol on the show versus the book

-Running out of ammo?

-What makes a good villain

-The score

-Greg Nicotero

-Rick’s hat

-A scenario I never like in movies and TV

-The flare?

-Fear the Walking Dead

-Melodrama with Negan and Jadis

-Do we know Negan?

-Negan’s character

-How I feel about zombies after 30 years

-The makeup

-Morgan and Rick

-The long haired guy (Jared)

-What I think of the episode thus far

-Weird edit

-Focusing on certain characters while building up others

-The King Ezekiel act on the show versus the book

-Negan’s return and character development

-My speculation

-What I thought

--Plugs again!





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