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Dan Policar, aka DanTheBand, is a Grammy nominated, international touring musician, songwriter, and producer. Dan has toured the world playing in Sean Paul's band, the "BaddaBanz." He has done production work and songwriting for artists such as Fabolous, Sean Paul, Raekwon, Andra Day, Faith Evans, and Mystikal. Dan also produces music for video games.

Dan and I spoke about his work as a touring musician and the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. He shares some excellent tips on songwriting and finishing music. We also get into his work writing music for video games.

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Show Notes:

  • Official Site - Dan's homepage, DantheBand.
  • Twitter - Keep up with Dan 280 characters at a time.
  • YouTube - Dan has some helpful music production tutorials.
  • Crimson Diamond - Independent video game for which Dan is supplying the music.
  • Live Stream Crimson Diamond - On Tues. March 31 at 8pm EDT, Dan will be live streaming his process for making the music for Crimson Diamond.
  • Roland MT-32 - The unwieldy vintage synth Dan uses for the Crimson Diamond score.
  • Empire of Sin - Game Dan is doing music for.
  • John Ivers of Bandlab - My discussion with Bandlab sound designer, John Ivers.

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