Adam Gubman's Elizabethan-Inspired Soundtrack for 'Elsinore' Is A Passion Project


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Elsinore , inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, gives players a chance to re-write the action, playing as Ophelia, who talks to the characters to try to fend off the doom of the haunted castle in Denmark. Composer Adam Gubman told me he loved working on his Elizabethan-inspired soundtrack so much, he ended up writing much more music than the developers asked for. Unlike Hamlet , in Elsinore Ophelia is trapped in a time loop in which events repeat in the same four-day loop. That gives her opportunities to try to change history. Adam says he was also influenced by the soundtracks of mid-20th Century film of Shakespeare's plays, which weren't necessarily authentic, but created a definite mood. Adam, who's composed over 700 game soundtracks, says one of the most gratifying things about working on Elsinore is the connections he's made with musicians all over the world, who turned in amazing performances to bring the music to life. The Elsinore soundtrack is available on Bandcamp . Episode

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