Dale North's Emotionally Rich Music For 'The Long Return'


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In The Long Return , created by Max Nielsen, a young orphaned lion cub is retracing the last journey he made with his mother. Dale North composed the soundtrack, and he told me it was some of the most emotionally satisfying music he's written in a long time. Dale says the opportunity to write the score for The Long Return came at a busy time, but he was so taken by the story of the young cub, and the emotions he felt thinking about how the cub's mother is with him in spirit, that writing the music became a kind of refuge for his spirit. The Long Return is a passion project for creator Max Nielsen, and Dale says working with just one developer was a unique collaboration, and when the game was nearly finished, the process became an equal partnership. Dale says he hopes to work with Max on a future game. Dale's soundtrack is available on Bandcamp . Episode tracklist All tracks composed and performed by Dale North The Long Return: The Calm (Title); The Traveler (Trailer); The Lonely; The

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