Raison Varner: In 'Borderlands 3' The Music Deepens The Story


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There's lots to explore in Borderlands 3 , the latest expansion in the game series that Gearbox Software began in 2009. Raison Varner has been with the series since the beginning as a composer, music supervisor and sound designer, and he says it's been an incredible experience to expand the music along with the games! For Borderlands 3 , Raison worked with long-time collaborator on the series, Jesper Kyd, as well as Michael McCann and Finishing Move. Together they've created a diverse, eclectic soundtrack that still manages to feel familiar. The universe of Borderlands 3 has expanded to different planets, and Raison says letting each composer be in charge of creating a unique music identity for the planets allowed for lots of creative freedom. He also told me that it's his and Jesper's goal to tell a deeper story with their music than might be obvious while you're playing the game. The music gives more clues to the environment, or at times turns the emotion of a scene on its head!

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