Ep 111: Maggie Thomas, Political Director at Evergreen Action


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In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Maggie’s interest in and passion for climate policy
  • How Maggie found herself in politics, policy and climate
  • Her time and experience as Climate Deputy Director on Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign
  • What she learned during the campaign
  • What she observed of the landscape of climate stances among the Democratic presidential candidates
  • Her transition to the role of Climate Policy Director in Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign
  • The founding, mission and work of Evergreen Action
  • The need for clear timelines for specific sectors to abandon fossil fuels
  • Why clean energy standards are critical for addressing climate change
  • Examples of meaningful market incentives
  • The importance of climate justice and its part in addressing climate change
  • Putting a price on carbon, thoughts on its effectiveness and political feasibility
  • The role of the private sector
  • The role of nuclear power as a solution
  • Why Maggie feels natural gas has no role in a clean energy future
  • Whether bipartisan support is needed to make progress on climate change
  • What she recommends a potential Biden Administration do to address climate change

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