EP 35: Gaspode the Wonder Dog - from Terry Pratchett's Discworld


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We dive into the Discworld and consider Gaspode, the cynical ball of stench and disease or as he would put it "Mans best friend, et cetera, et cetera. Give the little doggie a biscuit. Homo-Sapiens! You can keep 'em."

  • We talk about Greyfriars Bobby, the inspiration behind Gaspode.
  • We remember the good/bad old days of London, that Pratchett parodies with Ankh Morpork, where indoor toilets were mistrusted and putting your cape down on the sidewalk for a lady meant you'd need to burn it afterwards.
  • George digs into London's "great stink" of the 1850's - where so many corpses were piled up, the smell literally killed people.
  • Would Gaspode make the idea literary agent?

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