EP 39 The Affront - British Tentacle Awfulness


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We investigate "The Affront", one of the most charismatic and truly awful alien species to ever exist. A tentacled gas-sac parody of British aristocracy from the book Excession by Iain M Banks, one of the greatest science fiction writers that ever lived.

  • I wax poetic about the post scarcity society known as "The Culture"
  • Overlords... Blaaargh!
  • George riffs on Legend of the Overfiend because she can get away with it.
  • Apparently, I am the Affront. But not for the reason you think.
  • Aristocracy's toilet habits
  • And remember, Don't F$% with the Culture.

The Affronter art picture we found
Iain M Banks official web page

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