#63 with Andrew Wilkinson - Buying cash-flowing internet companies, starting job boards and building no code projects


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Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) are joined today by Andrew Wilkinson (@awilkinson) who is the co-founder of Tiny (tinycapital.com) - the internet version of Berkshire Hathaway. Shaan also launched a newsletter version of the podcast, subscribe to it to receive startup ideas backed by data in your e-mail weekly: terriblehorriblenogoodverybadideas.com. Want to make your first million with your mobile app? You have to prioritize app performance first. Get your custom HeadSpin benchmark report at headspin.io/myfirstmillion free our listeners! Today's topics: What is Tiny? (4:05), Shaan tried to sell Andrew a business 5 years ago (8:35), Andrew being early on COVID-19 (15:26), Being a control freak & hiring managers (20:35), The perfect cash-flowing companies (31:30), SRED Credits Tax Incentive Program in Canada (36:40), Job board businesses (42:22), No code agencies (48:03), Businesses that didn't work out (56:56), Being broke (59:20), Subscription podcasting (1:02:27) and Modern day newspapers (1:11:18).

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