December 2018


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Got some good reviews on this mix..... :)

You swine!!! There I was planning a chilled night laying on the sofa, when I thought to myself, “ah! I’ll stick Fergal’s mix on”. I’ll admit, I was a bit wary at first, but damn you, the old tingling sensation started. Within 3 minutes I went from horizontal to the edge of my seat. Ooft! That first sweet vocal track, what is it? The tingling went straight down to my feet. Then you go and hit me with that beautiful Spanish lament. You devil!

Ended up dancing round the living room...well, stumbling between the living room and kitchen (with the beer I said I wasn’t going to drink tonight), when it went all acid. Loving that “shoes” breakdown!

Just when I’m thinking I should sit down, you go and bang in some female rap to wipe that thought from my head!

I have to say, you were spot on when you thought of me, this is like my perfect night on the dance floor. The flow, the variety (fuck me, that Middle Eastern sounding track!), the build, the madness, the hallucinatory, the spiritual, and the sheer danceability of it all! Every fucking track, man! My spine is still tingling!

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