4 Hidden Spiritual Lessons From The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy With AJ


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In this episode, I’m going to be revealing 4 hidden spiritual life lessons from the movie trilogy ‘Lord Of The Rings’ that will help you transform your life.

Let’s me setup the context...

Let me tell you why I loved the movie so much…

You see…

When I was a kid, I wasn’t an average kid…

I didn’t get good grades in class….

I didn’t really have a group that hang out with…

And I felt lonely most of the time...like I was from a different planet…

(I just enjoyed doing things that most children my age didn’t)

And there was a phase in my life, when I had fallen sick and I had grown so weak that I was like...

Is this going to be happening forever?

I just wanted a glimpse of some magic…

Something to hold on to...something that assured me that things will be alright…

That’s there’s a hero in every one of us...

The Lord of the Rings trilogy provided that for me.


I hope you enjoyed this session :)

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