Danyah Aossey: The newest videographer on Team GaryVee


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Danyah Aossey is the most recent videographer to join Team GaryVee at VaynerMedia.

As part of Team Gary she shoots and edits videos for Gary’s wide range of social media channels including one of his pillar pieces of content, the ‘DailyVee’.

Prior to working at VaynerMedia, Danyah had intentions of working in traditional film even working on the movie ‘Steve Jobs’ starring Michael Fassbender and several different reality TV shows. Unfortunately, she was in a car accident which resulted from another driver falling asleep at the wheel - she was unable to carry the big cameras around and as a result she shifted her focus to digital media.

In our conversation we cover her career in the traditional film industry, her foray into digital including an overview of her social channels, her consulting business and a conversation around current social trends.

Of course we also cover all things Vayner, how she landed her residency on Team GaryVee, what the day to day is like, her first day, what it’s like following Gary around for the DailyVees, the culture at Vayner and more!

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0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Going to school for interior design
3:16 - Working in the film industry and transitioning to digital
14:09 - YouTube and Danyah’s other social media channels
22:33 - Social media consulting and industry trends
35:27 - Getting a job at VaynerMedia and moving to New York City
46:50 - What it’s like working at Vayner and with Gary Vaynerchuk
1:07:07 - Veganism, minimalism and other trends in culture
1:13:37 - Long term goals
1:15:15 - Q&A

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