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We’re doing things a little bit differently this week! In celebration of releasing my 50th interview last week, I decided to bring on my good friend Hayden Cashion (who you may recognize as the first guest of the podcast) to come and interview me!

This was really fun for me to do and a really good way to reflect on everything I’ve done and all the amazing people I’ve met over the last 50 episodes.

Hayden and I cover a lot in this episode from how I found my interview style and voice (including where my intro came from), my process when it comes to research and finding guests, stories from along the way, why I changed the theme of the podcast from tactical tips to stories, one of my favourites stories that a guest said and so much more!

I also want to thank Hayden for being willing to take the time out of his day to do this (full transparency, this was his idea). I also have to give him credit for nailing the intro and outro.

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0:00 - Intro
2:15 - The feeling of hitting 50 interviews
3:33 - My strategy for promoting the podcast
14:37 - Finding my voice and interview style and how it changes for remote recordings
19:39 - My research process and catching people off guard with questions/info they don’t expect me to know
23:12 - The trip to New York and what happened when I got back
32:33 - My research process continued
37:43 - The connections I’ve made from the podcast
52:29 - Where my Intro came from and why I started doing Takeaways episodes
58:39 - Why I wanted to be interviewed
1:02:09 - Lightning Round (Q&A)

Intro Song: Tough Love - Joakim Karud

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