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Melissa Guenette is an entrepreneur and social media creator. She is the founder and CEO of MG Social, a full service social media marketing company. On top of that, she has fallen into the life of an influencer and grown her personal Instagram to over 28,000 followers.

In our conversation we’ll discuss who she got into digital and what it’s like running her own agency, including the services they offer, how you know when it’s time to hire employees, things companies are doing well in the digital space, things they can improve, a conversation about influencer marketing and more!

In addition we’ll also chat about Melissa’s personal social media, how she was able to grow it to over 28,000, balancing the “life of an influencer” and running her own business, and trends in the social media space.

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0:00 - Intro
1:21 - What Melissa did before digital
3:43 - Getting into digital and running her own agency
16:19 - Digital vs Traditional advertising
20:41 - Influencer Marketing
30:43 - Growing her own Instagram and how she uses other social media
48:15 - Public Speaking
50:02 - Social Media trends
56:38 - Q&Q

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