Episode 8 - Dara's story


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Today I'm speaking with Dara Read, a lawyer and writer. Dara has worked as a lawyer for children and adults in NSW and the Northern Territory. She has also worked as a policy advisor to the NSW Government, including as a Senior Ministerial Advisor to the Attorney General of NSW and Minister for Family and Community Services.
Dara's written a children's picture book, "We love you Hundreds and Thousands", which is a window into the life of Jasmine, who loves birthday parties, and the special bond between a child and their foster or adoptive parents. Like Jasmine, Dara is adopted and is here today to share her story and her thoughts on why stories about adoption in books, on podcasts and in our communities is important.
Dara is currently working at the Department of Communities and Justice on close the gap outcomes for Aboriginal adults and young people in the justice system.

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