E7. "Cabin B-!3" Mary Anthony, Fernanda Perez, Ava Penner, & Meredith Dillon


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Actors perform the classic radio play "Cabin B-!3". Comedians listen to the play for the first time and are challenged to improvise a parody off of it. We have special guest Mary Anthony from the UCB Harold Team "Leroy" improvising on this episode! Warning: This episode is unnecessarily heavy on the fog horn sound effects. Improvisers Mary Anthony - Anne Brewster Ryan Harvey Pearcy - Ricky Brewster Fernanda Perez - Dr. Heinreich Joshua Han - Mr. Marshal Ava Penner - Stewardess Meredith Dillon - Captain Wainwright Drew Horton - Sound Effects/Thats Land Talk Boyfriend Rachel Helen - Thats Land Talk Girlfriend Stephen Flowers - Man in Black Actors Elizabeth McIrvin - Anne Brewster Landon Scott - Ricky Brewster Brian Rubinow - Dr. Heinreich Preston Diaz - Mr. Marshal Yulia Kirillova - Captain Wainwright Rachel Helen - Stewardess Sam Faktorow - Man in Black

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