Acupuncturist Andrea Thorpe on harnessing your hormones and the power of Chinese medicine - Part 2


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We are back in Catt's bedroom with acupuncturist extraordinaire Andrea Thorpe of Sage Wellness Within. This is Part Two of our deep-dive into Chinese medicine and acupuncture, so if you missed Part One, head on back to learn a bit about Andrea's background, the history of acupuncture, and what landed Catt in Andrea's office last year.

In this episode, we go DEEP into understanding how our bodies work -- and what you can do to start addressing your own imbalances. Using the questions many of you submitted, Catt asks Andrea about the healing (and destructive) powers of the food we eat, how our hormones work, treatment for fibroids, the ebb and flow of our sex drives, and so much more. Also, Andrea shares some simple advice you can start implementing today! Like, consider swapping kombucha with fermented vegetable juice -- it has all the gut-healing powers without all the sugar!

And, Catt shares an update on her own health journey, as she combines diet, herbs and acupuncture to restore physiological balance.

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