How are your teeth handling your entrepreneurial spirit? - and other type A tendencies


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In this episode we hear from uber experienced holistic dentist Dr John Sotis John has been flying the flag for holistic dentistry long before it was cool, and now owns and operates one of the most cutting edge dental practices in Australia. Treatment with him may include onsite infrared saunas, floatation tanks, acupuncture, massage, detox protocols and consultation with a wide variety of complimentary therapy practitioners In this episode we we are talking specifically about teeth grinding and clenching ( soooo many of you rockstars are doin it) and the strain that your entrepreneurial and/or high stress life lifestyle might be having on your teeth and therefore your overall health John shares insights into what "holistic" really means and we discuss the ways in which we often play down stresses or struggles so much that many of us would find it hard to share that we aren't coping - even when it impacts our health and potentially our treatment John talks on the energy connections, meridian systems and emotional relationships that operate between each individual tooth and the body systems or organs that can be affected and so much more This episode is going to open your mind up to so much you may have not considered when going for your routine clean, it sparked so much interest in my own community that I just had to invite John back later in the season to talk us through the mercury/amalgam /heavy metal toxicity minefield that is so topical at the moment To connect with John you can contact his practice at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast and/or visit their website at for more info and some pics of their swoon worthy clinic Enjoy!

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