NPR 029B: Lil Dende leaves, Broly Movie and the DB Tour!


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Changes are inevitable and Namekians are no exception. Lil Dende has left us in sevice of the Namekian Army. You see, there is a dark force returned to our galaxy and many have been summoned. Don't worry too much as he'll surely be back every now any then. But until then, we salute you Robert in your adventures elsewhere. However, a new hero steps forward from the shadows as the former fades... the return of MIKE HANCHO!!! That's right, our game correspondent is filling in some large, pointy, white Namekian boots.
For this episode, it's just Ol Kami giving some updates and news: Dragon Ball North American Tour (, Broly: The Movie, and Dragon Ball Legends mobile app!
Look to Nasdorachi on Youtube for great Legends coverage!
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