Narcolepsy 360: Monica and David Gow


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Monica and David Gow are co-founders and board members of Wake Up Narcolepsy. They are parents of a young adult with narcolepsy. In this episode, Monica and David share their journey on getting their son properly diagnosed with narcolepsy. The struggle and gross negligence of doctors, who didn’t take their sons symptoms seriously, led them to start Wake Up Narcolepsy, a non-profit organization to raise research funds for a cure and raise awareness about narcolepsy.

This month they are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Wake Up Narcolepsy. Monica and David also tell us about how it all started and what they hope Wake Up Narcolepsy offers in the next 10+ years. You can follow Monica @wognom on Twitter. If you are interested in any of the events, services, and support Wake Up Narcolepsy offers, please go to

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