Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn (Syndicated) interviewed Mark Henkel - Apr 2006


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National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel was on Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn, nationally syndicated, on April 11, 2006. The interview itself occurred on March 27, 2006, following the then-recent premiere of HBO's new fictional TV show about polygamy, "Big Love." The host is a renowned politically liberal/progressive commentator, media-known for being counterpart to the co-host Pat Buchanan in the 1990s (a conservative Presidential Candidate in both the Republican and the Reform Parties), and the host also is head of a progressive organization named, the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Serving that particularly liberal/progressive audience on his own show, the self-identified "great liberal" host remained very professional and polite on the show, asking very good questions. Some unknown situation was decided by the syndicated hierarchy in the background during the interview that caused the interview from not being aired "live" that evening, to then being pushed to Wednesday, March 29th, and to then eventually airing on Tuesday, April 11, 2006. From Bible arguments, to genuinely helping abandoned single moms in the modern cultural tragedy of marriage-phobic "playas" and "baby daddies," to case law analysis, Mark Henkel was able to provide many good insights and answers in a very intellectual discussion.

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