103 Abnormal Pap or Positive HPV? What the Results Really Mean and What to Do Next


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Most women don't think about their cervix until they have to get a Pap smear. As if the pelvic exam wasn’t stressful enough, getting the news that you had abnormal Pap or positive HPV results, especially when accompanied by words like “cervical dysplasia,” “biopsy,” or “pre-cancerous,” can spin you out with worry. I get it. We’re not given much intel on what all those test results and terms really mean. On top of it, HPV vaccine marketing has put the fear of cervical cancer out there in a big way - so hearing you have HPV can make you panic.

In this episode I break it all down for you, explaining the most common abnormal results that show up on these tests, what they mean, and what next steps are recommended for you, at your specific age. Hopefully it will put these results into perspective, and help you breathe a little more easily.

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