92 Herbs for Easier Labor and Birth


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If you're freaking out at a little (or a lot) at the thought of pushing a small cantaloupe sized head out of your vagina and also want to do everything you can to avoid unnecessary medical interventions at your birth, including cesarean, you’re probably here because you’re doing your homework ahead of time to learn what to do to make this upcoming passage into motherhood as short, easy, empowering, and as safe as possible for yourself - and your baby. I'm here to help!

Thirty-five years of practice initially as a home birth midwife, and then as an MD specializing in women’s health, including obstetrics, as well as being a momma of four, has shown me that labor and birth can be - yes - hard work - but beautiful, powerful events in our lives. While there should be absolutely no judgment over what type of birth experience you prefer or ultimately require, it’s worthwhile considering what natural tools we have that can help us avoid the speed bumps that often lead to preventable birth interventions - the most common being not going into labor within a reasonable amount of time after your due date (this is hotly debated - most obstetricians think within a week after, however normal human gestation actually goes up to two weeks after, which most midwives support), having a long labor, or need for pain medication, which often becomes the case when labor is going long.

"While there should be absolutely no judgment over what type of birth you prefer or require, it’s worth considering the natural tools that can help you avoid preventable birth interventions." - Aviva Romm.

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