Industry Master: Recovery Room Interiors with Tracy Weaver


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Many people are drawn to the exterior design first when choosing a car. But customer expectations are changing, and people are willing to pay more for higher quality car interiors. Hence, the demand for custom automotive interior design is also increasing.

To talk about the importance of automotive interiors, Mal interviews Tracy Weaver, owner of Recovery Room Interiors. Tracy is a master of automotive upholstery. His innovation and creativity are inspirational. He has worked on some of the best cars in the country. With about 30 years of industry experience, Tracy shows no signs of slowing down. Just when you think he has done the most fantastic interior job you have ever seen, he goes on to set a higher standard. Tune in to the conversation between Mal and Tracy in today's episode of NC Shop Talk.

“If you can sew, you can always make a living.”

- Tracy Weaver

In This Episode:

  • Tracy talks about how he started in the automotive industry
  • How does it feel when people come to you for advice?
  • With 30 years of industry experience, is there something else Tracy has not done?
  • What more can we expect from Recovery Room Interiors and the automotive interior industry?
  • Mal puts Tracy in the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!
  • And more!

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