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How do you craft custom interiors purely by hand? It definitely takes a lot of work, artistry, and dedication. And this guy can do it with excellent results that leave his customers very happy. So get ready for another exciting and super fun conversation with today's guest, Shannon Walters, owner of Interiors by Shannon, a one-man shop based in Alabama.

Shannon's custom upholstery has won Best Interior Awards at shows like GoodGuys, NSRA, and World of Wheels. His work has also been featured in automotive publications such as Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Southern Rodder, Super Chevy, Hot VW, Super Rodder, "M&M" Makes and Models Magazine, Chevy Rumble, Popular Hot Rodding. In addition, Interiors by Shannon has been featured online, in magazines (Auto Trim & Restyling News, March 1999 issue and Southern Rodder, March 2000 issue) and two "how-to" books ("Standard Guide to Build Street Rods" and "Building Street Rods").

Wow! There's a lot we can learn from Shannon. If you love handcrafted car interiors, this is an episode you will surely enjoy.

“You can't put a price on a custom interior; every car is different”

- Shannon Walters

In This Episode:

  • Why Shannon prefers to do his work by hand
  • Shannon's design and install tips for door panels and medallions
  • What type of car will Shannon build for himself
  • What would Shannon do differently if he had to start over
  • How Shannon values time, hard work, and integrity

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