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“It doesn't matter whether it's a busted out bike or a rusted out roadster, Joe Martin and his crew are hard at work giving vehicles another chance in life.”- Iron Resurrection

If you've been watching the Iron Resurrection, you're in for a treat. Joe Martin, winner of Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off'', and his wife Mandi dropped by the show to chat with Mal. The couple runs Martin Bros. Customs, which is the home of the show that's been running for five seasons now. Stay tuned for some exciting and fun conversations around the future of the custom car and bike industry.

“Before you make a commitment and invest in your own business and jump off the deep end, just do it on the side a little bit..”

- Joe Martin

In This Episode:

  • How Mandi's passion and motivation drives her to be the best version of herself
  • The exciting things to look out for with Iron Resurrection Season 5
  • Find out how Joe became so good at what he does
  • What does the future hold for electric vehicles vs. muscle cars
  • Listen to Joe's advice for new custom car builders

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