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Are you up for some serious conversation? How do you transcend political differences and just really listen to each other? Or would you rather shut up so you do not offend anyone? Today's guest is US Army Combat Veteran-turned-entrepreneur Jimmy Compton. Jimmy is the man behind The Proper Gentleman, a company that provides custom bespoke leather goods for men. Mal describes Jimmy as a patriot, a great brand builder, and a maverick. But the best thing about him is that he's true to himself. Get ready for some insightful talk that might give us a view of what it takes to build a better society.

“If I know something, I feel obligated to share it.”

- Jimmy Compton

In This Episode:

  • What does Jimmy's brand stand for
  • What do you do when your clients don't always share your beliefs
  • Growing your audience vs. sticking around with the people who really support you
  • Mal and Jimmy's take on the political scene and the US Presidential elections
  • Why you should never copy your mentor

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