Genius Negotiation Tactics You Can Learn From a Car Salesman


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Are you a car salesman or sales negotiator? Do you understand what the car sales process should look like? Even if you aren’t a car salesman, this episode of Negotiations Ninja is packed with some amazing insight on sales negotiation. Tim Kintz—the President of the Kintz Group—shares how to make the sales process more effective from a different perspective. Tim offers consulting for the retail side of the automotive industry—everything from training, to seminars, to workshops at Top Golf. If you want to get into the mind of your buyer, don’t miss this episode of Negotiations Ninja!

Outline of This Episode
  • [1:24] Tim Kintz brings a different perspective to the podcast
  • [2:55] What does ‘negotiation is optional’ mean?
  • [3:50] Why don’t salespeople ask for full price?
  • [4:37] Avoid letting your emotions cloud the process
  • [5:36] Negotiate out of inspiration—not desperation
  • [7:04] Whoever cares the least about a deal...
  • [11:44] The right questions to ask customers
  • [14:23] Whoever starts the negotiation has the advantage
  • [17:23] What are removable objections?
  • [19:47] Don’t be afraid to negotiate
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