From Survive To Strive – Phil Jesson with Derek Arden


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Derek Arden with Phil Jesson talking about his Lockdown Book

Phil Jesson wrote the book, “FROM SURVIVE TO THRIVE” in just 8 weeks during lockdown motivated by the actions of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

All the proceeds go to the NHS and Phil has sold 450 already.

Derek Arden has known Phil for a number of years and bought 5 for my family and friends. When it arrived I was blown away with the amount of content. 365 success tips, challenging questions and seminars in a sentence. An encyclopaedia of vital information.

Get in the canoe to look forwards

Measure the Heartcount – The key number is the Hourt-count as a perrcentage of Headcount.

Climb your three mountains. CEO job was to stay on top of the mountains whee the air was clean and the visibility is good.

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