35: Satisfying My Urges


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Crikey! Now, this beautiful little guy is a Paolumu. Kind of hard to pronounce, eh? Say it with me: POW-LOO-MOO. Isn't he amazing? These gorgeous little buggers are flying, bat-like wyvern creatures. With the exception of their underbelly and tail, they're covered in the softest white fur! Now, Paolumu are indigenous to the colorful trees of the Coral Highlands and they have a weakness to thunder and fire. Heh, don't we all? These beautiful creatures have a special air sac inside of their necks that inflates just like an adorable balloon as it sucks in the air and, alongside their wings, allows them to fly! Isn't that fascinating? Now, these beauts are frequently hunted, so you *definitely* shouldn't ruthlessly bash them over the head repeatedly with a hammer - giving them significant brain damage - before carving off several of their body parts and making them into a stylish hat! Discussed: PSN outages. Announcing Nerd Bourbon Eats! Destiny 2's recent changes... that make it more like Destiny 1. We're finally happy again thanks to the release of Monster Hunter World, a Very Good Video Game™. #rawthoughts are abound about the many ways that the game has impressed us and the very few ways it hasn't. Capcom's redemption story.

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