Episode 119 - Collider Heroes' Coy Jandreau GOATS Deadpool


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Ed and Ron talk to Coy Jandreau about his Nerd GOAT: Deadpool! Guest-starring casual name-drops of Ryan Reynolds, Rob Liefeld, Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder and more!

Coy is one of the nicest guys in geekdom, and a longtime rival of Ed's on MOVIE FIGHTS! He also hosts the YouTube shows COLLIDER HEROES and COMIC BOOK SHOPPING, for which he's talked comics with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Damon Lindelof, David Harbour and Shazam himself Zach Levi. Follow @coyjandreau on Twitter and Instagram for more!


“Did you just say Zack Snyder is a brotellectual?”

“When Donald Glover almost made the Deadpool show which would’ve changed society, it was because Donald Glover is the internet in the same way Deadpool is the internet.”

“There are the occasions where the edgelords not only are reading it, but they get enough of a voice where it reshapes the character, and that’s when the terrorists win.”

“I don’t consider Deadpool a nihilist. I consider people who like him incorrectly nihilists. And I consider the writers that don’t quite get him to be writing a nihilist, and that’s the fault of them. But I consider Deadpool a hopeless romantic.”

“All of his pouches are full of Mexican condiments.”

“Now everyone feels like a failure because there are no winners. I feel like society’s problem is if everyone won, no one won, and I think we’re starting to feel that.”

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