Episode 134 - Klee Wiggins GOATS Boba Fett, The OG Mandalorian


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Ron and Ed go EEEEVIL -- kinda?! -- with Klee Wiggins and her villain-ish GOAT: Boba Fett from Star Wars! Witness the continuing saga of Ed Greer vs The Jedi!

Klee is a super-talented comedy writer and standup comedian who can be seen on the MOVIE TRIVIA SCHMOEDOWN this Wednesday, 2/26! Follow @KleeWiggins on Twitter and @Klee_WigginsSF on Instagram to keep up with her insights on life, Star Wars, and her old ball-and-chain - our very own Ed Greer.


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“I’m sorry that you can’t have fun with fantasy, or magic, or interesting things happening. I’m sorry about that for you, Ed. That there’s no joy in your heart to just enjoy a hero’s journey with a little bit of magic! That the idea that someone could get a little bit of luck, and have something good happen to them, is anathema to you!!”

“I bet you ‘evil’ still gets more clicks than ‘chaotic neutral’.”

“My mom is a nerd, and so she was an early adapter of the VCR. She’s one of those people that paid like $9000 for a VCR back in 1981, and then bought videotapes that cost like $150 each.”

“Uh, ancient cloning? Cool, we’ll pull that. But Boba Fett being super cool? Uh, well, Jon Favreau will pull that and put it on TV, rather than the f**king movies.”

“Jacen. With a ‘c’. Because it’s f**king space.”

“We closed the store early, then we went in the porn section and smoked some hash, and then we went to go see Phantom Menace.”

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