Episode 137 - Phil S. Gould GOATS The Silver Surfer


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Ed and Ron talk to improv-sario Phil S. Gould about his Nerd GOAT: The Silver Surfer! A GOAT he shares with The Man behind Marvel himself - Stan Lee!

Phil performs improv the first Tuesday of every month as part of MAGIC WORDS w/ SHAZAAM! show at The Clubhouse in LA. Follow @phool on Twitter and @phool2056 on Instagram!


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“If I have a weird accent, it’s the accent that comes from mostly speaking to history professors in your childhood.”

“You can call that narcissism. I choose to think of myself as deep.”

“I’m not saying I would want people to worship me per se, but I wouldn’t just leave. I’d be like, ‘Well, you gonna give me some grapes or something?’”

“What Silver Surfer is like is a guy who gets falsely imprisoned. Goes to prison. Learns how to be a lawyer in prison, gets himself off. Becomes a successful lawyer...who defends corporations when they dump shit in the ocean.”

“I believe in Platonic ideal forms and ice cream violates that!”

“A lot of attention is paid to how Superman is always looking at everybody naked, but not a lot is paid to how everywhere he looks, people are having sex behind walls.”

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