Knerds of the Round Table Ep 16

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This week the Knerds were back a day late but not a buck short to celebrate their Sweet Sixteenth episode! Jamie, Ryan and Dale started the episode off to be joined by Kirt a little later. The topic for the week: The recent Nintendo Switch Presentation.

The four Knerds break down as follows, a Nintendo unbeliever, a Nintendo agnostic, a Nintendo skeptic, and a Nintendo faithful. But which of the four has the system pre-ordered? Which doesn’t care? and which two are cautiously hopeful?

The Nintendo Switch seems to have cut a predictable swath through the gaming community. The system at first glance seems to be just the next generation of WiiU rather than the next generation of Nintendo Entertainment System. The price tag is possibly a little too high, the controllers are possibly a little expensive, and the memory and overall power output of the system already lag behind the PS3 and Xbox One. The list of launch titles also seems to leave some wanting more.

That being said, it’s early enough to point to the list of third party developers for the system as a possible upside as that is something Nintendo lacked on the WiiU. Some of the titles announced for this year do seem to also have pretty solid upside as well, with Super Mario Odyssey and Mariokart 8 Deluxe being intriguing titles to say the least. But did Nintendo nail it with the news that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launching with the system? The last time that happened (Wii) it outsold the other consoles of its generation. Only you can decide.

Oh yeah, and to stay in the Nintendo spirit some of the Knerds got schooled at beginner’s Chess (Super Mario Edition) in the background. The pieces were all characters from the beloved Super Mario series!!

Jamie is Nerdology5280 and can be found on Twitter and the other social media sites that matter under that handle. Make sure you check out his YouTube page Nerdology5280. He does all kinds of stuff on there like movie reviews, unboxings, Let’s plays, and a whole slew of other things.

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Kirt is waiting for you on twitter @DeaconAlienToy, and check out his revamped Facebook page Kirt’s Corner. He will be spending lots of time on there in the upcoming months sharing his toils with toys, and love of legos.

Dale has social media. Perhaps one day he’ll share it with all of you adoring fans! We are starting to break him though. He loves video games, so if you use that angle maybe we can get him on there.

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