Nervous Habits - Episode 23: Automation in America: Self-Check-Out Counters, Self-Driving Cars, and Sex Robots; and The Crippling Cost of College: Why Federal Financial Aid Is A Scam


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Nervous Habits host Ricky Rosen is joined by long-time friend and mechanical engineer, Stefanos Axios. They have a spirited and comprehensive discussion, spanning issues including:

--The jobs that automation will displace that humans currently have, and the jobs that will be created by the new technology…

--Why some jobs can never be able to be effectively carried out by robots…

--How the sex robot industry is shaking up the automation field…

--How the increasing amount of federal financial aid that is allotted to students has actually made college more expensive…

--Why a comprehensive student loan forgiveness plan would be an inadequate solution to a worsening problem, and finally…

--Why cryptocurrency has the potential to spread like wildfire in the coming decades.


3:50 - Automation and the Future of the 9-5 Job

31:20 - The Cost of College

59:45 - Cryptocurrency

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