GMO, BT and Glyphosate Geek Out


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More Geeking Out on GMO Foods! This time, Richard digs into the more controversial side of genetic modification - making crops that are resistant to pests and pesticides. And to make it even more fun, part of the conversation includes scientists from Monsanto! First up is Bacillus Thuringensis, better known as BT - a biopesticide that is a naturally occurring bacteria found back in 1901. BT is used on organic crops! Today, key genes from BT have been incorporated into plants so that you no longer need to spray BT, it's built in. Then the big topic: glyphosate, also known as Round Up. The most popular herbicide in the world and effective at killing most plants, except for ones that have been genetically modified to resist it. Does the use of Round Up ready crops increase the amount of glyphosate used? What happens when glyphosate is in everything? How do we know it's safe?

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