010: Dr Will Cole - Functional Medicine, Inflammation, & The Brain

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Dr Will Cole, a functional medicine expert and one of MindBodyGreen's leading course instructors, joins us on the show to talk about some of the biggest topics in health care, including

- Why is the medical system failing us, especially for brain health?

- What is the difference in functional medicine?

- What are the foundational pieces for brain health and performance?

- What are some of the biggest road blocks that effect our gut and our gut brain connection?

- How autoimmune issues effect the brain and where to start?

- Is their a diet Dr Will Cole recommends for everyone?


[2:25] - Who is Dr Wil Cole? What’s his background?

[4:16] What is functional medicine?

Why typically medical tests and labs are not cutting it for most of the population!

Food is medicine.

[8:17] Even if you’re doing everything “right” you may be missing some underlying pieces to a larger problem with your health and your brain.

[8:52] If you had to start in one place for maximum brain performance, where would you start?

The gut brain connection. Leaky Gut. Leaky Brain. Inflammation.

[12:05] What are some of the biggest factors effecting our gut health?

It starts with food. Could lectins be problem? Toxins?

Why one strategy works for one person and not someone else.

[15:33] Do you have leaky brain? Here are the common symptoms!

[18:50] How do autoimmune issues affect your brain performance and what can you do about it?

[22:59] Autoimmune spectrum labs that could unlock and uncover an cuddle underlying autoimmune issues.

[26:12] Does Dr Will Cole recommend a specific diet? Ketogenic? Paleo? Other?

You’ll find this answer VERY interesting!

[29:00] Whats a good strategy to discover foods that could be a problem for you?


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