Trip 23 | Impossible to Possible with Ray Zahab of i2P


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Ray Zahab speaking is a Canadian long-distance runner and public speaker. Adventuring across several countries including the South Pole, Siberia, and the Atacama Desert in Chile.

He starred in the 2007 documentary film "Running the Sahara" narrated and produced by Matt Damon and directed by Oscar-winner James Moll, which follows three men as they run across the Sahara Desert, a journey of 111 days and more than 4,300 miles of challenging terrain.

Ray currently works for a non-profit who's mission is to blend traditional curriculum and adventure through the use interactive Internet and satellite technology with the goal of providing an education resource to tens of thousands of students from countries all over the World.

Topics of this chat include: • Hitting a low • Finding inspiration • Compounding changes • Finding happiness • Overanalyzing • Planning • Failure and reinvention • Content creation • Education through experience • Not limiting yourself

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